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Packaging Design in Asia

Square44 helps FMCG brands across 16 markets in  Asia with our Packaging Design solutions. From our offices in Bangkok and Hong Kong we serve some of the largest, biggest and quickest moving markets, home to over 4 billion consumers, or more than half of the world’s population! With extensive knowledge of markets, categories and consumers we offer a unique perspective that helps ensure we develop solutions that help you win commercially.

We are Packaging Design Specialists

As true specialists in this area we work on all kinds of packaging design projects and we consider packaging design one of our core service areas. Each year we develop over 200 packaging design projects!

We work on Many Types of Packaging Design Projects

Whether it’s a brand launch for a dairy brand in China, a brand rejuvenation exercise for a beer brand in Vietnam, a brand / portfolio migration project for a Tea brand in Indonesia, a new brand launch for a soft drink in Sri Lanka, a brand refresh for an iconic baby food brand in the Philippines, a bottle shape design for a spirits brand in Myanmar, a brand architecture solution for a large food brand portfolio in India, a premiumization exercise for a wine brand in Thailand or a limited edition design for a home care brand in Malysia you name it! We’ve seen it all.

Our Packaging Design Services include:

  • $Line Extension Design
  • $Brand Extension Design
  • $New Brand Launches
  • $Brand Rejuvenation / Brand Relaunch
  • $Portfolio Harmonization / Brand Architecture Design
  • $Structural Design / Pack Shape Design
  • $Limited Edition Design & Festive Pack Design

Our Packaging Design Process


Initial Briefing

Every project starts with a clear briefing. During a briefing session we will discuss your commercial objectives. The brieding session is used to get to know your brand as good as possible. We'll need to understand your superior vslue proposition, the channels through which your brand is sold and the competitive context in which your brand competes. We will ask information about your target audience and we will discuss the consumer journey, usage habits, needs and preferences. Of course we will also discuss scope, to determine exact deliverables.


Customized proposal

Next, we will revert with a customized project proposal in which we will outline the key issues, objectives and deliverables discussed during the briefing session. We will also propose a methodology (which includes a cost estimate and tentative schedule) uniquely tailored to your needs that will help ensure we develop the best solutions in the most effective way. Various stages of work are seperated by contact moments where we connect to discuss progress, request feedback and comments before proceeding further.


Our approach

What sets Square44 apart is the unique way we work with talent. Not only do we work with some of the best, most experienced, senior packaging design specialists in the world, we also master the art of matching skill to task, ensuring we'll get the right designer(s) to work on your brief. We also know when and how to make best use of their unique skills, capabilities and expertise, which helps us work with creative talent in the most effective way possible. In our project proposals we will recommend which creative specialists we think are most suited for your project as a value added option.


Upon approval of the project proposal, approach, team and fee structure we'll issue a formal cost estimate or quotation.
Once a pre-payment for a first stage has been received, the square44 team will develop work according to the stages and deliverables agreed to in the proposal. We meet you to present work at key stages and you can get in touch wit your dedicated project manager at anytime to exchange information or share updates.



Once a design is approved we support you with the realization of design. We have an extensive production network across Asia consisting of some of the best large scale commercial print & production houses that will help ensure designs you see on screen are realized as intended. Our artwork, pre-press and production management teams are there to offer support as needed.



Once your brand launches we will stay in touch to track commercial results and suggest improvements as needed.

Packaging Design can be the single biggest driver of Commercial Result

In the World of Fast Moving Consumer Brands, packaging design is your single most important marketing instrument you simply cannot afford to get wrong.
Without any other marketing support, your packaging design connects with shoppers when and where it matters most, at the point of purchase and at the moment of use.

Getting sold starts with getting seen. Good packaging design helps your brand win the battle of visibility on shelf.
Your packaging design will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your direct competitors. Good packaging design creates visibility over contrast, helping your brand getting seen first.
Your pack design communicates your value proposition. Good packaging design helps shape what you want your brand to stand for.

A well designed pack will be able to command a price premium.

From all marketing instruments, your packaging design spends most time with consumers.

Get in Touch

Interested to discuss packaging design further? Planning a brand relaunch or brand repositioning? Haven’t change your packs in the last 3 – 5 years and is your brand in need of some modernization? Are you planning a brand or line extension for which you want some fresh creative packaging design ideas or do you want some really disruptive graphics for your next limited edition project? Square44 can help you, as we have helped other clients before you. Interested to have a discussion to see how we’ve helped clients and explore if we can add value to you as well? Get in touch here, to start a conversation today!

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