Intl Brand Design Agency, Square 44, opens in Sri Lanka

Mathijs Aliet, Sven Petersen and Tusitha Kumarakulasingam in Colombo

An international brand design agency Square44, with offices in Bangkok and Hong Kong, is establishing a presence in Sri Lanka to help better service its local customers. This is after several months of exploring market opportunities, meeting many local businesses and after running a few initial trial projects. ‘Packaging design is one of the most effective branding tools that exists today and is not necessarily given due attention specially in Sri Lanka said, Mathijs Aliet – Brand Design Consultant, Square44.

“This is a specialized field and great packaging solutions cannot be generated by everyone, there is an art and a science behind it? Square44 is an expert brand design agency in over 16 markets in Asia that can help companies with their branding efforts”. “With the increase of advertising noise, media fragmentation and rising cost of media, packaging design is becoming more relevant, because packaging offers high “relationship time? Square44 works with consumer, retail and corporate brands across a range of categories and industries and brings a lot of expertise in consumer branding to the market.

Sven Petersen,  Brand Design Consultant, Square44 said that they are opening an office in Sri Lanka. “We feel that with local presence we can offer greater support to local companies to move in to the second tier of business? “We are interested in Sri Lanka because we believe we can add value to companies that already produce some great products and further accelerate their success; we have seen success coming to companies and brands very fast.” “Square44 is a brand design agency that helps large multinationals as well as strong local companies build, manage and grow their brands with a long-term commercial focus?

“We specialize in developing branding solutions for fast moving consumer goods companies and their brands, but we also work with retail and corporate brands? “In Sri Lanka we are also going to talk to the SME sector even in the North East and also talk to government organizations that are involved in production? “When we first visited we quickly got very excited about the tremendous potential we felt existed here. You have a large number of very solid FMCG companies that produce very high quality products which are managed by smart thinking teams. That is a great foundation.” “If we can help these companies by adding the right branding layer, we can enable them to compete on a more strategic level, not having to worry about fighting tactical battles linked only to a product fighting in a commodity platform.” “Adding the right branding layer can help a brand get noticed by more people, generate trial, convert to more users, demand price premiums for higher quality products and create a loyal user community that actually cares about the brands they buy. Great branding also opens the door to competing on a regional or even global scale.”

“The cost of two to three 30 second airtime slots for a television commercial can already buy you a very solid packaging design solution. Consumers remember a pack, much better than they remember a television spot or a promotion activity,” said Tusitha Kumarakulasingam, Brand Design Consultant. She said that studies indicate that people are exposed from 5,000 to 20,000 branded messages a day. That is simply too much and as a result people are mentally “tuning out”.

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