Luang Prabang Craft Beer Artist Edition

Just Launched! Luang Prabang Craft Beer Artist Edition

check out this unique artist edition that adds art to craft!

Square44 partnered with Carlsberg / LBC to develop a new craft beer brand called Luang Prabang. The brand was named after the famous UNESCO world heritage city in LAO. We collaborated with famous Lao artist Khotsouvanh Hongsa to add a unique, authentic touch to a unique and authentic new brand.

The Brief

was to create a brand around the brand name Luang Prabang, drawing inspiration from the unique famous sights around the town.

The Creative Process

Artists from Square44 collaborated with Lao based artists Khotsouvanh Hongsa to develop a unique vintage street scene so characteristic for Luang Prabang.

The Result

The result? a unique, authentic, artistic visual that honors the very nature of the artisanship that goes into the making of craft beer.

Brand Identity & Brand World

Square44 developed both primary and secondary packs, leveraging the unique brand color palette and other distinctive visual assets to create a range of expressions that go beyond the pack.

Brand Key Visual promoting consumers to “Enjoy the taste of Luang Prabang”

Roll out of a brand microsite and socials.


For more info on the artist, check out Hongsa’s social media here a link to his Facebook and Instagram feed.

To follow the brand, check out their Facebook page here

The story of Luang Prabang was also featured as a success story on MCCLABELTALK



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