Zeltzer Fizz. First hard seltzer in Thailand sells out a full years stock in less than 3 weeks of launch!

Wow! Let’s talk about successful branding? It took only 3 weeks to fully sell out a years supply of Zeltzer Fizz, a new Hard Seltzer that has taken the Thai market by storm. An exciting project we worked on with the Siam Winery team during the Covid months. Introducing the first Hard Seltzer in Thailand.

Square44's new brand creation for Zeltzer FizzWith a category that is not yet established, we wanted a brand name that captured the product idea clear, Zeltzer Fizz clearly brings to life what product we’re dealing with and the sparkling, refreshing carbonation that comes with the drink.Clean light color tones, in combination with clean branding elements bring express the new type of alcohol we’re dealing with. Enough alcohol to give you a little buzz, without the negatives of high sugar or carb contents.A clean new brand, expressed in a variety of ways to bring brand world to life.

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