Square44 Gives Meiji Yogurts A Fresh New Look



Brand Modernization through design relaunches is an effective way marketers keep brands relevant as generations of consumers constantly move in and out of brands.

Brands that understand the importance of this for sales and market share movements, make regular use of incremental design improvements alternated approximately every 3 to 5 years with more larger, more significant and revolutionary relaunches.
In a fast-moving and highly competitive market it helps to show consumers your brand is active, dynamic and innovative. Basically it shows the brand is alive and kicking.

The process

For Meiji’s relaunch and brand modernization it was important to update the food shots on pack and keep them current, ensuring they are looking tasty and appetizing at the same time, while holding on to the brands Japanese roots, an attribute valued strongly in the gutt-health / probiotics / yogurt space, where the Yakult brand has set the tone for many decades.

For food brands especially it’s important to tap into health and wellness cues of the modern consumers. Ensuring the brand fits daily routines or certain values consumer have, help ensure the brand “fits” lifestyle.

Last but not least, brands that operate in a cluttered, busy environment benefit from developing a visual style that surrounds that brands that is both consistent and cohesive, as well as flexible and diverse.

Well designed brands, start with their packs (as these are featured in most marketing communication materials the brand makes use of) and ensure the pack is rich in visual elements and assets, that can be used to create a visual style, forming the visual the foundations of brand identity.

Why is it important? Consumers often recall visuals over names, words or descriptions. Aiding re-call helps ensure the next purchase favors your brand, rather than losing it to another, more impactful competitor.

Visual expression matters.

for more info about meiji yogurts, check the brands facebook page here
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