Square44 Extends Colgate’s Protex Brand Into Face Care


Brand extension from soap into skin: the story of Protex cica

Brand extension, If used in the right way, brand design can help reposition brands. Protex has always been known as an anti-bacterial soap brand. Prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic, the anti-bac space started to loose relevance, especially in a modern Thai society where basic hygiene standards have existed for many decades.

We have been around since 2005 and we have done many projects in the Thai market. With a physical office in Soi Saladaeng 1 (corner of RAMA IV road) we overlook Lumpini Park. Not only are we located in the heart of Bangkok, we’re also centrally located in the heart of Asia!
Square44 is the only packaging design agency, that operates in 20 different markets in the region. We work with multinational, regional as well as some of the most powerful local brands.

What can a brand do to extend into different (fast-growing) segments if it’s been known for something totally different.

The answer lies in disruption.

Branding is a deliberate process that is undertaken to form (and change perceptions). A brand becomes its positioning, if executed right. Perception changes based on how it’s communicated and activated.

For Protext to extend into the skin care space, we started to leverage a brand asset built around a unique ingredient story. That of the Cica leaf and all its natural powers.

Brought to life in a modern, unique and fresh way starts to disrupt the way people think and feel about the brand. “Hey, that is something new..” “Hmm that is interesting”.. is the reaction you want towards a brand as you start to reposition.

Visual expression matters.

Visual expression is powerful. Developing a visual brand language, that starts with the pack and makes use of key visual assets to travel off-pack starts to give shape to a visual identity and brand language that is appealing, is remembered and drives synergies between marketing activities. Much needed in a highly cluttered world of FMCG branding.

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