Effective Branding: Creating Shopper Value (Online and Offline)

Interesting article from Brian Vella, MD of DTDigital in the australian edition of adnews about (online) retailiing in the digital age.

4 interesting observations in the article:

  • The point is made that marketing has become much more sophisticated because the gap between the marketing message and point of transaction has become virtually non-existent on online retail channels. This extends a brand’s touchpoint as well to non-manufacturer controlled media, such as a re-sellers online retail channel.
  • The article also states that persuasion of shoppers to take action can be further driven by more effectively leveraging insights from data analytics that make the shopping journey more personalised and accessible.
  • For online channels User Experience Design (UXD) can help improve every step in the transaction process from awareness to transaction.
  • Relevant marketing drives engagement in subtle, targeted, non-interruptive and more useful ways and leads to a shorter consideration phase and higher conversion.

1 additional thought from us:

  • Although the article mainly deals with online retail – the 2nd observation just as easily applies to traditional retail. One of the best practice ideas about how Hellmann’s Mayonaisse uses data analytics to push sales by printing recipe ideas on the back of a retailer receipt is a nice example of this.


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