Others on Packaging: Making Use of Brand Mascots on Packaging

Read here the conclusion from 2 interesting studies on effective packaging design that make use of brand mascots.

a recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Research concludes that

  • exposure at an early age (especially before the age of 13) to a brand mascot can lead to long term pay-off for a brand.
  • positive feelings a brand mascot generates might play down issues with health and nutrition, as the focus is shifted away from the product, onto the mascot

Cornell University separately looked at how mascots can be used most effectively on packaging,  by letting them make eye contact with their audience.

  • mascots beside their presence on pack can reinforce their effectiveness if eye contact is made
  • eye contact increase trust in the brand with 16%
  • eye contact improves the sense of connection with the brand
  • having your mascots make eye contact can therefore improve sales
  • retailers typically position kids cereals lower on shelf – so mascots make eye contact with the kids

Want to see a case study of how to make fantastic use of brand mascots on an actually existing brand? Then see here how Square44 teamed up with Danone Dairy in Indonesia to overhaul Danone’s Milkuat brand and its very popular mascot Milku. Check out the case study here and see how we revamped the brand, updated the brand mascot and developed a limited edition pack that Indonesian kids just loved (and became the most successful marketing activity of the entire year).

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