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Structural & 3d design

Structural & 3D Design in Asia

a very specialized design service and one that we’ve proudly introduced is structural & 3d design services. As it links to packaging structural & 3D design explores pack shape & form design. As it links to brand environments & retail it might be the shape and design of a bespoke point of sale display or of an entire environment that needs to carry some brand assets or brand equity elements in its execution.

Pack Shape & Form Design

Everybody can draw a bottle shape, but not everybody understands how a bottle shape should be designed so the amount of material used to produce it can be reduced to the bare minimum, lowering your packaging production cost without having a negative impact on consumer perception. Not everyone can design a pack that works perfectly on your filling line. Not everyone can think of ergonomics and user friendliness, going into detail such as opening / closing mechanisms, resealability, stability, size impression, in-home placement. Not everyone that can draw a shape can develop a set of CAD drawings that go to your mold makers and are ready for production. Structural & 3D Design is an art that combines brand design acumen and technical engineering skills and we work with experts that understand those two disciplines inside out.

3.2.7 - shape & structural design

Brand Environment Design

The Same Structural & 3D Designers that can create unique packshapes for your brand, often also are able to develop complete 3d brand environments. Whether it’s an experience zone that brings to life your brand’s key visual assets or whether it’s a simple product display or shop-in-shop product corner, thinking of a brand in 3 dimensions often requires a specialized creative’s skills.

Square44’s Structural & 3D Design Services include:

  • Bottle & Pack Shape Development
  • Structural Packaging Innovation
  • Packaging Material Recommendations
  • 3D Brand Environment Design
  • Design of Bespoke Sales Units
  • Technical CAD Drawings

 MOND-01-C11 MOND-01-C05-01

Square44’s Structural & Design Process for Pack Shapes

We support clients from start to finish with their structural & 3d design development. When it comes to pack shapes our process is as follows:

  1. Your Briefing to Us
  2. Manufacturing Line Audit
  3. Technical Brief to Creative Specialist
  4. Sketch Phase Exploration of Shapes
  5. 2D Development
  6. 3D Development
  7. 3d Printed Mockups
  8. CAD Drawings
  9. Technical Coordination with Mold Makers

Note: it’s also possible to engage us for parts of projects and let your mold maker take over based on our design output.

HEMA 03 C013(3)

Square44’s 3D Design Process to Develop Brand Environment Solutions

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Get in Touch

Do you need to get some structural or 3d design done? Are you looking for a bespoke bottle design (or other shape). Are you trying to improve your brand’s eco footprint and looking for a more sustainable, less-material consuming pack shape? Do you need a 3 dimensional environment created? Square44 can help you, as we have helped other clients before you. Interested to have a discussion to see how we’ve helped clients and explore if we can add value to you as well? Then get in touch here, to start a conversation today!

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