19 Ways To Drive Value Through Packaging Shapes & Structural Design

How to Drive Value through Packaging Shapes & Structural Design

How Packaging Shapes Drive Commercial Performance:19 Ways to Drive Value through Structural Design Changes

If Recession is Coming, getting a Return on Marketing Spend is Critical!

Times of recession are upon us (some even believe a major depression is about to land). Marketing teams and brands are cutting budgets and reassessing how to allocate spend most effectively. Luckily consumers still need to eat, drink, wash their hair and change diapers of their kids.

Well-Executed Packs can drive tremendous Returns

With a plethora of touchpoints and channels to activate and a consumer that is getting better and better at filtering out noise, and de-selecting products that don’t make the cut, many savvy marketers realize the power of packaging design is immense.

Packaging is the most overlooked, yet most powerful Branding Tool

From all marketing touch points, your packs spend by far the most time with your target consumers. In addition, your packs are the only marketing instrument that play a critical role before, during and after purchase.

Before Purchase, Pack Shots are featured in most communication

Before purchase, when marketing is focused on generating awareness and building interest, your packs are almost always featured in key visuals, campaign materials, brand world expressions and digital media.

Did you notice our black HALL’s packs? Color is a great tool to drive contrast in crowded fixtures.

During Purchase, Performance of Packs at Shelf are Key to Driving Sales

During purchase, good packs can hit 100% exposure of shoppers at each visit. Your pack’s ability to draw they eye of the shopper (in 2 seconds or less!), correlates directly with sales. Do your packs perform well in driving impact and visibility or is cluttered messaging reducing the performance of your packs? If a marketing team intends to get a target audience to switch from a preferred brand to an offering it is proposing, are the packs effective in conveying the value proposition. How easy is it to navigate a pack and find relevant messages. Quickly?

After Purchase, Packs build Memory Structures & Recall needed for Repurchase.

After purchase, packs perform at the critical moment of use. The product is experienced and packs communicate with consumers on a regular basis, sometimes for hours on end, day after day (How much time do you spend with your water bottle, gum pack or tissue box? Probably much longer than you are exposed to their ads, bus wraps, billboards or digital executions!). Packs that make smart use of visual assets are able to enter memory structures, which helps facilitate those auto-pilot repurchases, driving loyalty, the ultimate goal of branding.

Most brands (when consider a packaging change) only revise Graphics, ignoring the potential of Structure & Shape.

When marketers think about packaging design, they mostly only consider graphics. Why? It is a quick and easy fix. Sending a new artwork for print, is a quick and instant adjustment, whereas changing the shape of a bottle usually involves a coordinated effort of multiple teams – Marketing, Factory, R&D, Supply Chain, Trade Marketing, Mold Makers. So structural changes are a little harder, and yes, us humans tend to prefer the easiest road.

Shape is a tremendous (mostly unutilized) driver of Value.

Do you realize that shape, even before color is decoded by the brain fastest? That’s why traffic signs come in triangular shapes with red colors. But shapes go far beyond visual impact at shelf. They play a critical role at the moment of use.

19 Ways Pack Shapes can drive Value

Let’s have a look at the many ways pack shapes can drive value for users that can affect brand preference and choice. Each bucket on its own can single handedly become a driver of differentiation and distinction

  • Aesthetic of Shape – Does your shape look good?
    Both on shelf as well as placed in your home? Some consumers make a purchase decision purely based on shape – think of luxury alcohol bottles for example.
  • Haptic Experience – How does your pack shape feel in the hand? Does it give you a tactical experience, how does the choice of substrate or material perform? Consumers are known for not repurchasing a brand if it’s hard to hold or use the product.
  • Brand Story Telling – Does your shape convey your brand story, each time it interacts with a user? Toblerone is a brand known for capturing its brand story through its shape and the story is what made Toblerone unique (although some changes are coming to that soon).

Toblerone’s brand story comes out in the shape of the pack.

Communicating Brand Purpose & Values – Are you riding a strong purpose story or are brand values an essential way to establish engagement? Does that extend all the way into the shape of the packs? Purpose is a huge emotional connector that can drive strong engagement (or not).

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