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How to do Brand Localization the Right Way?

Connecting Nescafe with Consumers in Vietnam through Brand Relaunch and Localized Innovation

NESCAFE is the Uber brand for coffee, worldwide. Brand localization is against the strict branding & design guidelines and this created issues for NESCAFE in Vietnam.

Vietnam has a strong coffee culture and their traditional way of coffee brewing and consuming.

The brewing happens as drip coffee through an alloy filter set on top of a cup, adding ground coffee powder and let the boiling water run through. This assures the Vietnamese coffee experience, strong and flavorful. Nowadays coffee in Vietnam is consumed mainly ice cold due to the tropical climate.

NESCAFE RTDs and their 3in1 instant products did not perform well against local Vietnamese power brands addressing the coffee culture and refreshing cues the consumer is looking for better. NESCAFE lost out against a strong local coffee culture!

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Objective: How to win Vietnamese consumer for NESCAFE?

1. NESCAFE 3in1: Adapt NESCAFE 3in1 to local behavior / consumer expectation

We removed the NESCAFE Red Cup from the pack to show an iced coffee instead to match consumer needs and expectations. Taking out the Red Cup was a critical point and against the branding & design guidelines and we needed to get approval from HQ in Verve first!

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2. NESCAFE RTD: Adapt NESCAFE RTD’s to local behavior / consumer flavor expectation

At the NESCAFE RTDs we emphasized the typical Vietnamese coffee names CAFÉ VIET and CAFÉ SUA DA and created an iconic symbol, reassuring the coffee experience and authentic Vietnamese coffee culture.

packaging design halls candy thailand square44
packaging design halls candy thailand square44

Brand Localization Result

The brand localization of NESCAFE in Vietnam (without loosing its identity) created a better market performance! After redesigning NESCAFE 3in1, it became the best-selling SKU of the NESCAFE instant portfolio in Vietnam!

to follow the brand: check out their website here

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