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square44 colgate palmolive - innovating to stay fresh

How to keep PALMOLIVE Brand Relevant in the Philippines?

Through relevant Modernization and Innovation…

Colgate-Palmolive Philippines briefed us the rejuvenate the Soap Bar range to stay relevant for its consumer. Modernization and Innovation was needed to match consumer expectations and follow market trends.

How to retain relevance in consumers mind through Modernization?

The soap bar category is the bread & butter business in emerging markets where purchase power is low, especially in times of economic challenges. So we modernized the look of the soap bar range, making appeal more contemporary and aspirational through new illustrations conveying the ingredients in a hyper-realistic way using strong light reflections and white-out glow effects to communicate a cosmetical sensitiveness.

The before / after comparison shows the transformation of PALMOLIVE Naturals Soap Bar from an outdated, non-aspirational look to a modern and relevant appearance, a 180 degree turn around.

How Modernization can create relevance and excitement?

For Colgate-Palmolive Pakistan we modernized the pack design for the PALMOLIVE Naturals Liquid Hand Wash and their bottle sleeves as well as their refill packs. Harmonzation of bottle sleeves and refill pouches was the aim, to appeal

How to disrupt the market with ongoing Innovation?

For Colgate-Palmolive Philippines we developed the PALMOLIVE Micellar Shampoo & Conditioner range following the global trend of this technology. Creating Shampoo and Conditioner in a locked-up look for regimen purchase.

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square44 relaunches lactacyd

For Colgate-Palmolive Philippines we developed their fragrance intensive shampoo and hair mist range under PALMOLIVE Naturals brand.

Based on consumer insight that office workers typically travelling to and from work in open jeepneys exposing their hair to heat and exhaust fumes what quickly takes away the freshness and fragrance of a normal shampoo.
square44 colgate palmolive - innovating to stay fresh

The Result:

The new shampoo has an intense, long-lasting fragrance. And the hair mist is the ideal companion for the hand bag for on-the-go fresh-ups during and after work.

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