Brand Modernization, Innovation and Packaging Design for Spy Wine Cooler in Thailand

The Brief

The team of Siam Winery briefed us to look into Brand Modernization of their iconic brand SPY struggling to engage the new generation of consumers, the late Millennials and early Gen-Z’s within a very competitive and innovative product category of alcoholic RTD’s.

While the brand has its loyal consumer base, the risk was high to lose those by making radical changes to the brand identity its look and feel.

The Solutions

SPY Wine Cooler:

We carefully touched-up the design of the core range of SPY wine cooler adding design features bringing in depth, textures, but retaining its minimalist style by “changing everything without changing anything”, but achieve a more contemporary look and premium appeal.


SPY Cocktail:

This younger and more innovative range we revamped into a more colorful and vibrant range using a beach theme to address and recruit the young crown for the brand.


Innovation SPY zero sugar:

Following the global trend of sugar awareness and health concerns towards products containing huge amount of sugar, Siam Winery launched as one of the first alcohol companies in the region a zero sugar range for its SPY Wine Cooler brand.

Healthy living and healthier partying combined was the angle to look at to reach those aware consumer.

Innovation SPY Sparkling Wine Cooler:

Sharing is essential in Thai culture, and sharing moments, parties, come-togethers – so what is the best way to have a great time together with your friends? Sharing a big bottle or two of the new SPY Sparkling Wine Cooler.

With this innovation SPY became relevant for young audience, looking for am entry level alcoholic beverage, affordable and able to share within a group of friends. Sharing is caring!

Brand Modernization

Brand Modernization and Innovation essential to not loose track with the new generation of consumer and their demands.

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