Rebranding Ruslan – Nepal’s #1 Vodka Brand

“Consumers are drawn to vodka.. Last year, the market for vodka increased significantly and what we produced was insufficient. We sold 90,000 cases of Ruslan Vodka last month alone. That was beyond my earlier expectation. When I ask our marketing executives about the market..  they answer that everyone is drinking vodka”. (Vijay Shah, founder of Himalaya Distillery Limited in New Business Age, 16th of February 2017)

Another great Square44 rebranding success story is that of our Ruslan Vodka relaunch. Already Nepal’s biggest spirits brand with a staggering 88% market share, it was not easy to beat the commercial success the brand already enjoyed. Not having done dramatic changes to the brand since it was launched 40 years ago, the company was looking for an experienced partner and approached Square44 to undertake a comprehensive brand redesign. We helped relaunch the Ruslan brand in a bold and disruptive manner, ensuring it looks more competitive versus foreign competitor brands and through the mayor brand refresh we made sure the brand looks and feels completely relevant again for its current consumer base. All of that is of course nice to have, but what we’re most proud of is that sales of Ruslan Vodka DOUBLED massively growing the total Vodka Market in Nepal in doing so! Want to know more? Read the full story of Ruslan below:

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